The Unknown

By: Ryan Pettigrew


Your existence ended subconscious slumber,

Finding peace with pain and shade in the summer.

But now awake and aware of loneliness,

A conscious outcast yearning for your kiss.

Loving you becomes a double edged sword,

A deeper meaning but often feeling ignored.

Emotional removal from the comfort zone,

Rollercoaster going from giddy to alone.

Wanting nothing more than to make this forever,

But obstacles making it feel like a never.

Wanting to scream, feeling deprived of a dream,

One that didn’t exist ‘til you came on the scene.

Haunted but hopeful, questioning sanity,

Is it just a mirage exploiting vanity?

Or heaven on Earth as reward for the pain,

The unknown can drive the strongest man insane.

No going back after knowing you exist,

But scared to death while crossing the abyss.

Do you make me or break me? Only time will tell,

Not the first time I kicked open the gates of hell.

But the potential for your love fuels my drive,

And for that, I’m willing to risk a hard nose dive.

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