Benefit Of The Doubt

By: Ryan Pettigrew


Perceptions and rumors create questions as to other’s intent on a frequent basis; where many times we find ourselves stressing over possibilities that aren’t realistic. People are tough to figure out, especially in a world of sharks and weasels. So, when is it safe to give the benefit of the doubt without increasing the odds for negative treatment?

Reality proves that very few people have integrity or our best interests at heart. It’s an unfortunate fact of life but must be realized to prevent being used and betrayed. If integrity and loyalty were possessed by the majority then we’d never talk about those traits but we all know how rare they are. This isn’t to say that most people set out to bring us harm but very few will act with us in mind.


The benefit of the doubt can only be extended to the few who have earned that display of respect or you set yourself up for failure. That means that everyone else must be met with suspicion until proven their intentions are pure. There will be some who understand the concept of mutually beneficial when not even amongst your circle but they’re as rare as those with loyalty; yet, should be embraced when they pass the test, on a business level only.


When it comes to those in your circle, the benefit of the doubt must be extended when not something that has been done before or else you disrespect an innocent person and cause yourself unnecessary stress. If you choose to be friends with people who deserve suspicion then you’re making bad choices, other than that, they have proven worthy of the benefit of the doubt.


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