In Support Of Anonymous

As you all know, I like controversy and to fight our corrupt system through legitimate channels. I refuse to tuck tail and hide as our government becomes more corrupt, while there’s nothing they can do to me, besides kill me, that they haven’t done already. The corruption has gotten so bad that the usual means of legitimate fighting, such as the court system, has become so heavily in favor of those who are corrupted that the common man stands little chance in defending himself. This is by design, as the puppet masters want the little man to feel helpless so they become docile like good little puppets. However, the group Anonymous has started fighting for individuals and is making it’s mark.


The group has no open philosophy and membership must be hidden since they are the number one enemy of the puppet masters. Sure, by supporting them openly, I bring heat to myself, but it’s heat I don’t mind. The corruption has unleashed a personal war on my family and I refuse to hide under my bed while they suffer.


Being an Objectivist, I oppose theft on any level as it’s the application of force. However, I can’t consider the actions of Anonymous as theft, even as they have stolen information from government and money from corporations. Government information is all collected about us illegally any way but even if that wasn’t the case, I would see it as them collecting information on their enemies just as any one would do. Also, from my research, Anonymous has only stolen money from corporations who have received government handouts that were, in fact, stolen from citizens. Yes, taxation is theft since it’s not voluntary.


The only part I really disagree with them is the fact that they supported the Occupy Movement being that it’s against economic inequality and that always leads to Marxism. I think this is because Anonymous mistakes Capitalism with Corporatism because a group that’s so anti-establishment couldn’t ever support a totalitarian Marxist system. And I hope, over time, that Anonymous separates itself from Marxist movements and continues the good fight against corruption, oppression and corporatism.


Check out the amazing videos on the Anonymous YouTube Channel  and don’t be afraid to do so, most of us are on government watch lists anyway and you should be ashamed of yourself if you’re not. Corruption depends on cowardice; do you want to fuel corruption or try to fix the problem? Ignoring the problem makes you part of it and ignorance is no defense. WAKE UP!!! Quit being puppets.



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