Recent Battle With Corrupt Cops

A few weeks ago I released a document I prepared that proved a felony committed by Larimer County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Sheldon in a case against my brother then the cover up and retaliation. I included the link to that document but, in sum, the deputy blatantly perjured himself on the stand and the press found out about it then Sheriff Justin Smith covered it up and the DA’s office refused to prosecute. So, he still has a job and they’ve framed my brother for over 15 felonies since then in retaliation when he actually went legit 3 years ago.

Not even a week after the release of the document, the parole office that supervises me received an “anonymous” call that I was selling guns out of a hidden compartment in my home so they came to search while I was cuffed in front of my girlfriend. Of course they found nothing because I’ve been legit since my release from prison but sent me into a PTSD attack.

The secret compartment was one where we had a stair that could pull out to store items that only the informant in my brother’s cases (Aaron Bloedol) knew about and told DEA officer Tonozzi and Deputy Sheldon about. This was one of the tactics they used to get my brother’s parole revoked that I revealed in the document but it failed to work on me because I don’t violate my parole in any way and my parole officer wants to see me succeed. However, it’s still disturbing that cops, who are supposed to protect the public, actually committed another felony in reporting a false crime but it’s ok because we will be subpoenaing the phone call records as part of our lawsuit.

I told my parole officer about the anonymous source of information and he knows I’m telling the truth since my name hasn’t been mentioned in criminal circles the entire 19 months that I’ve been out. No one is good enough to avoid being mentioned by gossiping dope fiends so the fact that my name isn’t mentioned, means I not only went legit, but that I don’t associate with anyone who isn’t.

I also know that the Drug Task force that Tonozzi and Sheldon are apart of, have been contacting all their informants to try to get anyone to say anything that could put me in jail but I’m not really worried about it because I’m truly living a lawful life so any attempt to frame me will be easily proven as retaliation in court.

I do have protection from media sources who are chomping at the bit to write about corrupt officers framing someone who overcame 8 years in solitary confinement to help others and become a productive member of society, plus politicians who love my story. That doesn’t mean that I’m untouchable so I keep my car in the garage to prevent anyone from planting anything in it and let my dogs roam my house when I’m not here to keep intruders away.

This does take a toll on my mental state, as I’m back in the survival mode that got me through 12 years of prison and am in a heightened state of alert in combination with the occasional PTSD attacks rendering me useless for days at a time. Yet, I refuse to back off until our system rids itself of corruption and any amount of resulting retaliation is worth exposing the system for what it is. The system became corrupt due to naivete and fearing the consequences of exposing it but I’ve never been one to be bullied and I don’t think they can do anything to me that they haven’t done before besides kill me. However, if they need to kill me to silence me, then everyone will know what happened and the subsequent media storm will be worth it. Not that I’m sacrificing myself or hoping to be a martyr, I’ve just been tortured too bad by the system and can’t come to peace with it until I make a positive difference. Hope I have your support…



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