Lessons On Approaching Strong/Independent Women

Most of my friends are truly strong and independent woman; not the type who just pretend they are. Being their good friends, I hear a lot of their complaints and they’re very similar. Their number one complaint is that they’re constantly approached by or get into relationships with pathetic men. Personally, I don’t care if you all get it together but since my friends aren’t satisfied, I feel the need to help you guys out so I don’t have to see them constantly disappointed.


First off, don’t even think about approaching them if you’re insecure, mentally weak/emotionally unstable or dishonorable. I know we all would like to think that we’re the best in the world but reality states different.


Someone insecure feels the need to one up others, make fun of other males for failing to comply with society’s ideal standards of manhood when no one does, acts self-righteous, bullies others or gets into constant pissing contests. True alpha male sees most other males as flies to his lion and he embraces his feminine aspects that all men have. An insecure male feels the need to control and refuses to see his woman as his partner. If you want a trophy wife, find a diva/princess and run from the queen.


Physical strength is fine and dandy but what a real woman wants is someone who won’t break down when life gets hard. Beat your chest all you want but are you calm under pressure and battle tested? Will you be her rock when times get tough or will she have to drag you to the finish line? Can you contribute to her life as a partner or are you dead weight? Mental strength also means that you’re not emotionally unstable either. Are you plagued by fear or anger issues? That’s not saying we all don’t experience fear and anger as they’re natural emotions but are you considered a hot head or coward? Find a happy medium. Are you falling in “love” all the time with a new woman? If so, you’re unstable. Emotion is to be reserved only for situations or people deserving of them. When you’re constantly up and down (angry to happy, loving to hating) then you need to balance your emotions.


An honorable man lives in perfect harmony with the belief system he chooses to follow, no exception. You’re either honorable or not, there’s no gray. Deception, shadiness and contradictions reveal a fraud so be real in every action. A real woman needs a rationally honorable man, or someone who has achieved individuality rather than follow the rules established by others. This type of man does all he can to help her achieve her highest potential and satisfy her needs. He does what’s needed to be done, even if that entails supporting her decision to be with another man if she’s happier with him. You may not get her but if this is the type of man you are, you’re perfect for someone great.


And please don’t be a douche. Make friends with her before complimenting her looks and see if there’s a connection before professing your love. If she denies you, don’t go on the attack, wish her the best of luck in finding what she’s looking for. Don’t message her non-stop and harass her to death. RELAX, if she’s interested, she’ll let you know. Pursue friendship and let nature take it’s course.


Any male who isn’t secure, mentally strong and rationally honorable will self-destruct over time in the presence of a truly strong and independent woman. Reality proves that the majority of people in general fall short of being true alpha or strong/independent women; so if you’re part of the majority, stick to the majority. Don’t waste anyone’s time.






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