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My Book List

Since I spent so much time in solitary confinement, I’m constantly asked what books helped my the most so I want to put them out there publicly with the hopes that they help others to the same extent that they

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Why I’m Atheist Part 1

I was raised in a Christian home but never really took to the whole religious thing as a kid. To me, there were too many things that didn’t make sense and all those unanswered questions turned me off. Sure, I

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My Testimony At The Senate Hearing

On March 10, 2014 I testified at the State Capitol Building at the Senate Hearing on banning solitary confinement for offenders with a serious mental illness. Granted the bill does have it’s flaws, such as allowing CDOC to define “serious

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Recent Battle With Corrupt Cops

A few weeks ago I released a document I prepared that proved a felony committed by Larimer County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Sheldon in a case against my brother then the cover up and retaliation. I included the link to that

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Recent Corruption In The War On Drugs

Most of us have heard of the “Fast and the Furious” debacle where ATF agents allowed firearm sales to criminals linked to Mexican drug cartels for the purpose of tracking them but completely failed in that tracking and basically armed

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Stanley Cohen ►Up The Rebels!

Stanley Cohen, Defender of Anonymous in PayPal14 case. August 19th, 2013 at ThoughtWorks New York City: Speaks at Benefit for Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown. “Rebels on the Dancefloor” (demo mix by Squig) NWO crushing beats featuring brother Stanley Cohen

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In Support Of Anonymous

As you all know, I like controversy and to fight our corrupt system through legitimate channels. I refuse to tuck tail and hide as our government becomes more corrupt, while there’s nothing they can do to me, besides kill me,

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Lessons On Approaching Strong/Independent Women

Most of my friends are truly strong and independent woman; not the type who just pretend they are. Being their good friends, I hear a lot of their complaints and they’re very similar. Their number one complaint is that they’re

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The Unknown

By: Ryan Pettigrew   Your existence ended subconscious slumber, Finding peace with pain and shade in the summer. But now awake and aware of loneliness, A conscious outcast yearning for your kiss. Loving you becomes a double edged sword, A

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How Being Our Best Physically Helps In Business

We live in a politically correct society but most of the time being that way is highly irrational, as it contradicts reality. We all want to believe the best in mankind but to think in a way that assumes most

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