How Being Our Best Physically Helps In Business

We live in a politically correct society but most of the time being that way is highly irrational, as it contradicts reality. We all want to believe the best in mankind but to think in a way that assumes most people are acting in this way is foolish and opens the door to failure and disappointment. If the majority behaved like we wanted, we’d never talk about honor, kindness, emotional stability, etc. since no one discusses the norm.


What we deem “beautiful” is an individual choice but one can’t really deny the fact that being healthy/fit is considered more beautiful than not by a landslide. This becomes very important in the business world since health increases cognitive efficiency and the brain responds to attractive people in the same way as it does cocaine addiction. By being fit, you’re considered “beautiful” by a larger number of people, and the more fit, the more beautiful you become; increasing your affect on others.


Let’s say two people are offering similar products and have no previous ties to the individual they are trying to sell their product to. The person considered more beautiful by the customer triggers that addictive reaction in the brain which sets that person apart from the other, increasing the chance of making the sale astronomically. Is this politically incorrect? Absolutely, but success requires being in touch with reality, not believing in unicorns.


Furthermore, health increases cognition by creating more neurons and lowering stress. Neurons are the electrically excitable cells that are in charge of passing brain messages to the rest of the body and thinking.


Stress hinders cognition by releasing chemicals in the brain that aids in your instinctual flight response. This was necessary during the caveman days to prevent over thinking when one needed to act quickly to avoid being eaten by a saber toothed tiger. In modern times, this instinctual response hurts us since very few situations are a matter of life or death. By reducing stress, we decrease these chemicals so the brain can be more effective.


This makes it clear that success in the business world requires physical fitness. That doesn’t mean one can’t succeed on any level without being fit but the reality is that one isn’t succeeding to his/her highest potential without being fit.



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