My Open Book Policy

People are constantly astonished with how open I am about the issues that most try to keep secret, such as sex, unpopular views of the world or my criminal past. Whether they prefer to avoid potential confrontation by remaining silent on subjects that could draw negative attention or they truly want to be accepted my society, their need for silence causes inner chaos since they’re repressing aspects of their true self. Full acceptance is a requirement of inner peace and full disclosure is a prerequisite to full acceptance.


Each of us have elements within our true selves that a hypocritical and self-righteous society frown upon since none of us can live up to the unrealistic expectations placed on us. The ideal man or woman are theoretical but also a means of control. The framers of those standards knew that they weren’t achievable and that was intentional. When each of us fail to become what we think we should be, it lowers self-esteem and ends in either self-destructive rebellion where we give up hope or self-righteous fanaticism to overcompensate for what we feel we are lacking. Either way, the puppet masters win because the former aren’t a threat to anyone but themselves and the latter become the best puppets imaginable.


Sex, although controversial, is a major psychological need, which is why it’s the first thing attacked by the morality police. However, it’s not because they truly feel it’s immoral since they’re doing what they speak against in private, it either makes them feel better to put the focus on others or furthers their power agenda. Society is a bully who lashes out on anyone who thinks differently, even when what they lash out against is the truth. Puppet masters create ignorant bully puppets who keep most walking the line but you strip them of power when you cut the puppet strings by no longer caring about societal acceptance.


So I choose to take it one step further, put the most controversial aspects of myself out there on full display; even those things that would embarrass most people, just to show how little I care about others’ opinions. Who can hold something over my head when I’ve already publicly aired my dirtiest laundry without flinching? I find that it’s also an efficient means to filter out the frauds because those who get it will seek me out and the puppets will run for cover. Who wants to associate with a puppet anyway? Not me.


Full disclosure is the most liberating thing I have found to date; complete freedom and inner peace. My relationships are also healthier because I don’t bite my tongue until exploding but I also make sure that I’m tactful and not rude. I’m me, on full display to the world; take it or leave it.

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