Are You Thankful?

Thanksgiving is that time of year that most Americans consciously think about what they’re thankful for but why have we come to a time where we need a holiday to remind us of this simple concept? One of the basic requirements of happiness is to be content with what you have rather than to chase what you don’t but this is forgotten in the never ending quest to keep up with the Joneses. Besides, if you need a reminder to be thankful, are you really thankful for what you claim to be thankful for?


Inner peace comes from a full acceptance of your true self, reality and the life you’ve been given. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t strive for more but “more” must be your highest potential as an individual and not materialistic things that only cause temporary joy. The finer things come as as a result of achieving your highest potential, the by-product, but can’t be the reason itself.


Meditation is a way to be thankful everyday because it’s embracing the present. Even if you choose not to meditate, it’s important to take a moment out of every day to breathe deeply and embrace the moment.


When we claim to be thankful, we also need to make sure our actions are in sync with those words. That means we can’t be thankful yet take advantage of those we say we’re thankful for or the words are rendered meaningless. Actions speak louder than words, remember that.


So really think about if you’re truly thankful because true thankfulness comes from the heart and turns to action. Be thankful every day.

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5 comments on “Are You Thankful?
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  2. msharmila2013 says:

    > full acceptance of your true self

    I don’t have one of those.

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