MLK’s Message Skewed By Opportunists

As we celebrate MLK Day, most tend to focus on how far we need to go to achieve his objectives; erroneously thinking that as long as we have racism, the Dream isn’t a reality. The fact is that Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t seeking the death of racism, knowing that to be an impossible task since we can’t control how people think, but instead sought racial equality. 


Our failure to live up to his dream actually comes due to opportunists manipulating his message into this in order to maintain their importance when they’re no longer needed. What would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do if they couldn’t turn every issue into a racial situation that they could be at the head of? Their fame depends on this cause and they will do anything to keep this issue alive.


Let’s instead look at how far we’ve come. We now have a mulatto president and racism itself has become deplorable socially. It still exists but is kept in the closet due to the fear of becoming a social outcast. And it’s not only a white thing, every race has those who are racist but racists are the minority by far, which should be considered a victory by MLK followers. 


The only failure is the misunderstanding of “equality” but that’s part of the opportunists agenda. MLK dreamed of a day when his children wouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin but we are now in a time when certain people receive special benefits due to just that, which isn’t equality at all. If we want true equality, no program or law will be created around race for any reason. At least not for one race and not another. Equal means no special treatment and that’s something we need to be reminded of.

I’m not here to be politically correct or accepted, just rational about the topics I write about. Let’s keep the dream alive by implementing true equality and ending any law or program with race as a consideration. 

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