My Book List

Since I spent so much time in solitary confinement, I’m constantly asked what books helped my the most so I want to put them out there publicly with the hopes that they help others to the same extent that they helped me.

1) “How To Win Friends And Influence People” By Dale Carnegie. This book sounds corny but is all about how to communicate better with people and that’s vital to every part in our life. Even with the best intentions or idea, the wrong delivery will mess it all up.

2) “48 Laws Of Power” By Robert Greene. This book is all about strategy and can help any of us in our professional lives.

3) “Graphology” By Michael Watts. Our handwriting reveals how we think, our insecurities, sexual preferences, personality, etc. The purpose of this book is to teach you to analyze handwriting for business recruitment or personal reasons. Major corporations use this every day and it’s an excellent tool to have.

4) “The 50th Law” By Robert Greene and 50 Cent. I was turned off by the whole 50 Cent aspect at first but this book is all about conquering daily fears that we all have, such as fear of death. Without overcoming fear, inner peace is impossible.

5) The Rich Dad, Poor Dad series By Robert Kiyosaki. Financial intelligence leads to less stress and this series teaches you about everything you need to become wealthy on any income.

6) Any book by Ayn Rand. Some think her philosophy too harsh but a rational mind is the key to inner peace since most of our stress is caused by trying to make reality fit our beliefs.




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