Meditation/Inner Peace Training

meditationDuring my 8 years in solitary confinement, I started to meditate in order to decrease the anxiety that was causing panic attacks and stomach issues. Americans tend to think of meditation as prayer or deep thinking when it’s actually the complete absence of thinking. Meditation takes away built up stress which increases health and the ability to think clearly. It increases energy and inner peace. I also use it as part of my Bipolar Disorder management. This is a tool that’ll help in every aspect of your life and can be learned fairly quickly. I can do in person training or over Skype, depending on your location. Meditation is only the beginning step to finding inner peace and that training can extend to personal training in the mentality required for inner peace. The charge is $50/hr and you can sign up on the following contact form:

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  1. […] to teaching the philosophy I believe is required for individual greatness/inner peace and I teach mediation, while acting as a life coach. My message simplified is: Objectivism, fitness and […]

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