Coming Soon: Madman University and Madman Masterminds Network

I’ve been looking for ways beyond a blog to teach people how to find their true selves and then be their best emotionally, physically and mentally. To turn my negative past into something that can help others is something I want to accomplish but doing it on a large scale has proven difficult. I didn’t only learn how to find happiness while in solitary confinement, I actually broke down the components so in depth then simplified that breakdown to the point that I could teach it to anyone should they be willing to put in the effort needed to accomplish the change. The answer the puzzle is easy but implementing the answer takes hard work.


I decided to put together an online school with video classes on the following subjects: Philosophy, Introspection, Success Traits, Reality, Thinking, Politics, Relationships, Holistic living, Fitness, Art, Financial Intelligence and then incorporating them all together so that one can get on the path to achieving their highest potential while satisfying need in a balanced manner. The homework isn’t the repeating of facts but rather making the student think how they can apply the information to their life on a deep level. Each class has a forum where the topic can be discussed amongst the students.


Then I thought about the greatest obstacle to change: associations. Basically, when someone wants to change themselves, they’re still in the same environment and around the same people from the old life and that makes it almost impossible to change with those anchors holding them back. So I brought in the Madman Mastermind Network, a social network where all students and alumni can share achievement and art, chat and build relationships with others who are changing, discuss the classes, join specialty groups for things they are passionate about and even do business/professional networking.

I’m putting this all into one website, which is already built, and am currently finishing the class videos with plans to launch in December. For $9.99/month members have full access to the all aspects of the website (classes and social network) and the higher price points also incorporates personal training with me or my staff. There’s nothing out there even close to this and I’m looking forward to helping people on a larger scale, while also building a network of similar mindsets. I’ll keep you posted.


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