Recent Corruption In The War On Drugs

Most of us have heard of the “Fast and the Furious” debacle where ATF agents allowed firearm sales to criminals linked to Mexican drug cartels for the purpose of tracking them but completely failed in that tracking and basically armed the cartels unintentionally. Well, lately we find out that there’s more to that story and there was no unintentional arming. Come to find out, that arming and funding the Sinaloa Cartel was part of the original strategy in exchange for information on the other cartels. In addition to the arming and funding, America also agreed not to prosecute certain cartel members or apprehend them despite the warrants for their arrests and to completely ignore their drug trafficking operations.


This is nothing new, as the American government has always had it’s dirty little paws all over the Black Market drug industry from the Reagan Administration helping South American Contras traffic cocaine to California then teaching black gangs to make crack cocaine to protecting opium fields in Afghanistan and helping with trafficking. Neither of these are rare instances but rather just widely known examples of our government taking part in the drug trade. The “War on Drugs” is a facade because profits are too high and our government has become one of the main players.


Despite all of this, the American government still has the highest incarceration rate in the world with 5% of the world’s population yet 25% of it’s prisoners, where almost 50% of those US prisoners have drug charges. This is a blatant example of corruption and how our government believes itself to be above the law but the majority still wants to ignore the issues, hoping they’ll just magically disappear. Well, that’s how we got to this point! Our government was set up to be servants of the People but over the years we have signed away our rights in exchange for false security and have chosen boob tube hypnosis instead of keeping our government honest. It’s not okay for our government to incarcerate it’s citizens for the same activities it commits!


Now we’re at a point where people are too scared to oppose government and we bow our heads as it does as it wants. It has become our master and all we hope for is that it doesn’t turn it’s ugly head our way. What has this country come to? How did a Nation founded by heroes turn into one of cowards? Does anyone really think that tyranny committed against others can’t be committed against them?


Our government has discredited itself and it’s up to us to hold them accountable. Non-violent, legal means is the only way to succeed so it’s time to vote them all out of office, Republican and Democrat. We need to stand up as one when any corruption or violation of rights is committed by our government. It is our servant but our servant has forgotten it’s place. The American Dream wasn’t meant to be a nightmare where we fear our government, it was meant for individual rights in a Nation where the government feared the People. At this point, anyone who chooses ignorance or to ignore the issue is part of the problem and has no right to call themselves a true American. Stand up or get out.

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