Week 2 of Acupuncture


By: Ryan Pettigrew


Week two of my acupuncture/holistic treatment proved to be noteworthy and worth sharing. I have been physically ill for the majority of the 14 months that I’ve been out of prison; thinking it stemmed from the stress from trying to adjust and the fact that my immune system was weak since I had been away from people for eight years. Come to find out, I have serious food allergies that have been the main cause, as I’m allergic to eggs, dairy, cod, casein, cocoa, coffee, grapefruit, bananas and whey.

Food allergies are on the rise with all the unnatural additives and processing techniques used by companies to produce more food, faster; and the further we get from nature, the more complications we will endure. Food allergy symptoms can be rashes, itching, gastrointestinal discomfort, moodiness and all the way to death. I had them all besides death and look forward to alleviating the problems from my life, increasing my quality of life.

Looking through the cabinets after finding out about my allergies and I soon saw why I was constantly so sick; I was allergic to everything I was eating. I whined about my allergies for a few days but quickly found the silver lining: I had a chance to feel way better and really tone up since I was eating somewhat unhealthy prior to this. With a smile on my face, I went to the grocery store to find what I was allowed to eat and found plenty of variety.

The acupuncture has been going great and I found out that it’s known for releasing repressed emotions, which cause many of our issues. I thought that I was handling the whole solitary confinement thing very well but apparently I had some anger pushed down deep that has been coming out with a vengeance all week. I’ve been a bit on edge but I welcome the healthy release and new start. I’m feeling better than I ever have and love the fact that I’m working towards my highest potential.

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