Official Launch of Madman Masterminds Network/Madman University

During eight years in solitary confinement, I learned the secrets to inner peace and changed myself from a drug dealing, emotionally unstable, gun carrying, impulsive criminal to businessman. The thing that I’m most passionate about is teaching others what I learned so they could experience the same gains in quality of life. My message has a simple answer but application of the answer isn’t easy. I refuse to manipulate people with feel good nonsense in order to make a quick buck so I don’t lie to them; success/happiness are rare because they’re hard to achieve and most aren’t willing to put in the hard work necessary to accomplish them. My message isn’t politically correct either, it’s real and yields real results. Sure, I’ll make less money but can be proud of the legitimate help that I give others.


So today I’m launching the Madman Masterminds Network/Madman University ( where I teach inner peace and that successful mindset through video classes in ways that have never been taught. I basically teach each person to find their true self then be their best mentally, physically and emotionally since it’s not about me telling others how to live but teaching them to live as they are. The lessons are: Philosophy (why Individualism is better than collectivism), Introspection (finding the true self), Success Traits (what you need to become successful), Reality (Embracing reality and the laws of the universe), Thinking (thinking is our means of survival, so I teach how to think more clearly), Love and Relationships (to keep them healthy), Spirituality and Stress/Emotional Release (meditation, acupuncture, artistic release), Fitness, Financial Intelligence, Politics, Being Your Best Mentally, Physically and Emotionally. The classes have homework that makes you apply the lessons to your life, helping in the changing process rather than asking you to memorize facts. I also included other self-help videos that I felt were important in the process.


In addition to Madman University, is a complete social network where you can make profiles and have a news feed similar to Facebook. You’re encouraged to share personal/professional achievement and build relationships with the other users since the number one obstacle to applying change is that those trying to change are stuck around the same negative environment and people. There’s groups and forums created to encourage building new friendships in addition to continual learning.


Granted, some of the later classes aren’t yet posted and I have a few little things to do with the website, there’s no reason why people shouldn’t be starting their quest to their highest potential now, so I’m launching today.


Pricing packages are as follows:

Standard: $9.99/month for full access to website

Gold: $49.99/month for full access to website plus 2 personal training sessions with me per month

Platinum: $399.99/month for full access to website plus 8 personal training sessions with me per month


Between this website, my books and motivational speaking, I hope to reach as many people as I can.

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