Beyond The Smoke Screens: The Discriminatory Baker

In 2012, a gay couple that were legally married in Massachusetts decided to celebrate their marriage in Colorado. When they went to the Masterpiece Cakeshop, owner Jack Phillips, refused to sell them a wedding cake due to his Christian religious beliefs. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division based on an anti-discriminatory state statute, and on Friday, Administrative Law Judge Robert Spencer order Phillips to accommodate same-sex couples or face fines or other penalties.


On the surface, this case looks like a victory for those against discrimination but in reality, we all lose. The puppet masters want us to be distracted by smoke screens so they can gradually strip our liberties and gain power for themselves. Social-conservatives are taught to back the Baker but be against gay marriage, while Liberals are taught to be anti Baker and pro gay marriage. This becomes a heated debate and emotions rise to levels that prevent rational discussion of the issues, but this is intentional, as emotion blocks the cognitive process and allows us to be easily fooled.


The truth of the matter is that both mindsets make the other possible. If America worked as the Social-conservatives wanted it to, we’d have a true free market where the baker could do business with whomever he chooses. However, since they also give the government the power to ban gay marriage, they also give them the power to eventually dictate to whom the baker can do business with. If America ran as the Liberals wanted, gay marriage would be allowed but they give the power to the government which prevents the baker from running the business as he sees fit, which also gives the power to the government to eventually ban gay marriage. The true issue itself is about how much power we want to give government and not on gay marriage versus discrimination.


Let’s pretend for one moment that we decided to strip government of the power to tell a business how to run or the people who they can marry and this situation happened. Well, the gay couple could’ve gotten married and celebrated wherever they chose. They could live the life they wanted since it’s not the government’s business to hinder that. When they went into the Masterpiece Cakeshop and Mr. Phillips chose not to do business with them, they could have gone to a better run business to get their cake then let people know that Mr. Phillips refused to do business with homosexuals. Many straight people who are against discrimination or bad business in addition to homosexuals would refuse to do business with Mr. Phillips and eventually he wouldn’t be able to continue running his business. The market punishes bad business way more harshly than the government can, all while making sure the government doesn’t have the power to run our lives.


We should really try to cut the puppet strings and see the issue for what it is: government control. A country divided is a country easily controlled and we all suffer for the ignorance of the majority who choose to be manipulated. Wake up people!


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