By: Ryan Pettigrew


Society brainwashes us into thinking that forgiveness, under any circumstances, is a vital component of being a good person but being “good” can also be naive. Is it more important to be viewed as “good” or to be at peace and on the path to your highest potential? Being concerned with how others view you prevents happiness so you must free yourself from society’s chains.


Forgiveness can be appropriate in situations where the person shows they have learned from their mistake and won’t repeat it but that’s rare since the majority falsely believe that saying sorry is the cure for anything. Actions speak louder than words so all I really want to see is that they understand what they did was wrong and won’t repeat it, so continuing a relationship with that person isn’t too risky. Life is a time crunch so no one who is seeking his/her highest potential has time for people who don’t get it. Many people get mad at me because I end long term friendships and relationships with family members who don’t learn from their mistakes but I prefer to be alone than around people who constantly hold me back or betray me. Seems like common sense to me…




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2 comments on “Forgiveness
  1. Ana Todi says:

    I agree with you! I made this mistake of forgiving people but they weren’t sorry, maybe just ashamed, but really sorry, no. They got the bad habit or apologizing and me forgiving, but they do it again and again. I am close to a nervous brekdown because of this. Help me do something to save myself. I have 4 children, I want to go out!

    • You just have to start treating everyone as their actions dictate. If someone continues the same behavior that you find unacceptable, you have to cut ties with that person because they’re a liability.

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