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Cognitive Definitions Simplified

  By: Ryan Pettigrew                 Definitions are the foundation for every thought process, which is why puppet masters intentionally skew them as the first move in their sinister chess games. To make you their pawn, they need you to be

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  Think! Posted on May 4, 2013by theobjectivistobserver “Thinking is man’s only basic virtue, from which all the others proceed. And his basic vice, the source of all his evils, is that nameless act which all of you practice, but struggle never

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  By: Ryan Pettigrew                 As society evolves, mankind drifts further away from nature; to the point now that people falsely believe that they’re no longer part of the animal kingdom. This separation from reality is irrational and the root

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Meditation and Objectivism

  By: Ryan Pettigrew                 Objectivism is the philosophy of reason, worshipping the rational mind at its finest. So anything that increases cognitive efficiency should be encouraged amongst Objectivist circles and it’s important to know what affects it for better

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The Root of all Evil

  By: Ryan Pettigrew                 Evil is still one of the most widely misunderstood concepts of our day, which invites manipulation, so it becomes vital to thoroughly understand its core to avoid being deceived. Politicians, religious leaders and promoters of

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Objectivism Simplified

By: Ryan Pettigrew                 Objectivism is the philosophy of Ayn Rand and the only belief system in full compliance with nature. Most philosophies run contrary to reality, getting too theoretical for their own good and set up an ideal being

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Video 1 of my success series: Persistence and how it is fueled through a deeper understanding of why you want to accomplish any given goal.

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