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MLK’s Message Skewed By Opportunists

As we celebrate MLK Day, most tend to focus on how far we need to go to achieve his objectives; erroneously thinking that as long as we have racism, the Dream isn’t a reality. The fact is that Martin Luther

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By: Ryan Pettigrew   Society brainwashes us into thinking that forgiveness, under any circumstances, is a vital component of being a good person but being “good” can also be naive. Is it more important to be viewed as “good” or

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Benefit Of The Doubt

By: Ryan Pettigrew   Perceptions and rumors create questions as to other’s intent on a frequent basis; where many times we find ourselves stressing over possibilities that aren’t realistic. People are tough to figure out, especially in a world of

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Why I Prefer Dogs To People

By: Ryan Pettigrew   Inner greatness exists in all of us but is hard to find so most choose to tread water and remain on the path of least resistance. This also remains true regarding integrity since it’s much easier

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American Education

  By: Ryan Pettigrew                 It’s well known that the American educational system isn’t living up to expectations as we steadily decline in world rankings, especially in math and science. To find the correct answer to the problem, we must

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  Think! Posted on May 4, 2013by theobjectivistobserver “Thinking is man’s only basic virtue, from which all the others proceed. And his basic vice, the source of all his evils, is that nameless act which all of you practice, but struggle never

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Philosophy, Psychology and Politics

  By: Ryan Pettigrew                 Success requires preparation, but preparation calls for a thorough understanding of psychology, philosophy and politics. Many ignorant people do well without this but success, to me, is to be the best you can mentally, physically,

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  By: Ryan Pettigrew                 Controversial topics provoke emotional responses which prevent rational dialogue, especially when the topic is considered untouchable. However, “untouchable” to me translates to must touch, as I wasn’t ever any good at doing what I was

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My Partnership With Cronic Magazine

During yesterday’s meeting with Cronic Magazine, I knew immediately that I had to be one of their writers as their message is similar to mine. At first glance, that may sound contradictory for a self-help teacher to have anything to

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By: Ryan Pettigrew “The degree and kind of a man’s sexuality reach up into the pinnacle of his spirit.” –Friedrich Nietzsche   Most people were brought up to believe that their sexual urges were the product of an imperfect being

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