By: Ryan Pettigrew

                Human social structures are comprised of three basic factions: puppets, puppet masters and leaders; separated only by how they choose to act. Being that there is a choice, definitions are vital so each individual can make an educated decision on what category he/she wants to be a part of. That’s the task at hand today: to define.

Puppets (a.k.a. “sheeple”) are the majority. Distracted by the daily grind, they prefer to follow others who they trust to make the images (1)bigger decisions while they focus on the 9 to 5, family and television. Without taking the time to study the big picture, they can be easily manipulated by those with sinister agendas.

Puppet masters scheme on the most effective ways to control puppets; not for their own good, but rather for irrationally selfish reasons. It’s all about power lust stemming from the false belief that building wealth requires taking from others. There may be limited tangible resources but wealth is accumulated through the mind, so there’s infinite ways to use those limited resources better than the last man. They’re bullies and users who usually lust for power to overcompensate for their insecurities.

True leaders don’t lust for power because they know the standard of life rises in waves. The more people seek to achieve their highest potential, more efficient ways to use resources will be found. And with each discovery, new discoveries will stem from it like a tree branch. This affects everyone in a positive manner, proven from our rise from the standard of living from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age and from the Industrial Age to the Informational Age. Due to this, leaders seek to help those find their inner greatness so the path to better days comes has fewer obstacles.

Leaders aren’t bullies; as those who lead by fear aren’t loved, and the second they fall, their minions flee. Those who lead with loyalty, bringing out the best in others and helping their rise, create loyal followers. Some of those loyal followers will find greatness and become loyal contributors, bringing opportunity to the table.

So who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you need to do to be that person? Cut the puppet strings and be leaders who encourage others to pursue their highest potential. Let’s make life better for everyone, let’s achieve together.


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