A Madman’s Poetic Path

By: Ryan Pettigrew

                Yesterday, my first book (“A Madman’s Poetic Path”), went up for sale on Amazon.com for the Kindle and that marks a very important milestone for me. I’ve had a hard life, and despite it being self-imposed, that doesn’t make it any easier. I release anxiety through exercise but found poetry to be my emotional release, which is desperately needed since I have some issues I have to deal with.Final Poetry Book Cover

I truly achieved individuality and happiness but at the same time, I was psychologically tortured for nearly a decade and those problems can’t just go away immediately. Baring my soul has made that task easier to deal with, as transparency is extremely liberating. I value being open enough to put it all out there and now anyone can see the trauma I’ve endured; the frustration, pain and my rise. I’m hoping my poetry can inspire so that others choose to find their inner greatness and overcome the daily obstacles that hold most back.

Released just over a year ago, I’ve made great strides during that year but the most rewarding part is teaching others the lessons I learned while locked in a dungeon. That makes all the suffering worth it and is my greatest revenge on those who tries to break me. Not only did I refuse to self-destruct or turn into a monster they could demonize, but I now help others and show that not all prisoners are inherently evil and destined for failure.


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One comment on “A Madman’s Poetic Path
  1. bob cushatt says:

    Damn proud of you and your accomplishments. The harder you work, the luckier you become

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