Syria: Beyond the Smokescreens


By: Ryan Pettigrew

                Nearing the end of our involvement in Afghanistan, we set our sights on the next target; beginning with the propaganda campaign required to provoke emotional responses which prevent reason. Once again hypnotized, the sheeple cheer at the sound of beating war drums; loudly proclaiming America to be the example of morality and the savior of humanity. “We must end evil,” they chant; unaware that the true source of evil hides right under their noses.

Propaganda is communication aimed at influencing society to support a cause by only presenting one side of the argument. It’s extremely manipulative, as half-truths prevent informed decisions, which keep government from doing as it wants since most are full of sinister intentions. One of the most effective propaganda strategies is to convince the community you’re attempting to manipulate that the opponent is genuinely evil so they see opposition as moral. Except “evil” is subjective, stemming from one’s opinion of right versus wrong. What’s evil to one may be moral to another, when truly only a matter of different opinions.images

Nothing reveals this example better than George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil” that he applied to any country he disagreed with; usually anyone who didn’t cower to American demands. America became a bully but generated citizen support by convincing them that the opponents were inherently evil when they only opposed us because we supplied their enemy (Israel) with money and weapons. Common sense says that a friend of one’s enemy becomes an enemy, especially when directly contributing to the opposing war machine. However, the sheeple bought into the manipulations and we began a 12 year war that could’ve been prevented in the first place had we not chosen sides in battles that were none of our business.

To back his claims of our opponents evil nature, he lied about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction. This was done so that intervention seemed the only choice but after intervening, the false claims became apparent. We were lied to.

Now Obama is taking plays right out of the Bush play book and the sheeple blindly follow rather than learning from the past. Our government lacks credibility, especially since it has motive for war. Syria is backed by Iran, who America is trying to provoke; while Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to build a pipeline across Syria so they can get oil to Europe. To gain support for this, Obama is turning this into a humanity mission, claiming alleged chemical attacks to be the work of Assad when there’s no proof of chemical weapons being used, much less, by whom.

American citizens need to wake up as patriotism isn’t blind subservience but rather doing what’s best for your country no matter what. Our forefathers were the example of patriotism by opposing tyranny but we have let them down. We have become sheep who believe whatever we’re told. Since we’ve been lied to by our government in the past relating to similar situations, we’d be fools to take its word again. Without proof beyond doubt that Syria used chemical weapons, we can’t act. And even if it’s proven, Syria’s in civil war so the side that used it must be known and proven to avoid punishing the wrong faction. Beyond that, America is in no place to be the moral authority until it quits subjecting its citizens to inhumane treatment. Wake up!


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