Insecure Males


By: Ryan Pettigrew

Beatin’ your chest and knuckle dragging,

Incompetent and lost but you keep on bragging’,

Shallow perception and only see the shell,

Throw ‘em over your shoulder since your game don’t sell.

Image driven and chasing false dreams,

Fake to the core, its bursting at the seams.

Ego built on deceiving young girls,

Twirling their curls, gifts of plastic pearls.

Seeking total control since you’re scared of life,

Every moment consumed with internal strife.

You self-destruct when amongst those at peace,

Picking at scraps while you watch them feast.

Independent women challenge your manhood,

Not seeing their value like a real man would.

You huff and puff but never bust a grape,

Entertain us clown, that’s your entire fate.

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