Miserable Comfort


By: Ryan Pettigrew

Relaxed in my hammock, hands behind my head,

Enjoying the view, hellfire and the dead.

Blood curdling screams bring peaceful dreams,

Cuddling with demons in the belly of the beast.

Yanked out my hammock and placed in Eden,

No more bleedin’, paradise for a hedon.

Panic stricken, I drop to my knees,

Beggin’ for misery, no one hears my pleas.straight-jacket-color

Hyperventilating, in cold sweats,

Trembling, I got nothing left.

Rainbow in the horizon, birds make music,

Turning pale, beauty making me lose it.

White dove lands softly on my shoulder,

First time touched, my heart gets colder.

Sensing pain, she chirps hypnotically,

Melting my walls quite methodically.

Releasing a flood the walls dammed up,

Satyr pours me whine into a golden cup.

Take a sip then raise it above my head,

Tears on my cheek, no longer wishing to be dead


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