By: Ryan Pettigrew

                Despite how far we’ve evolved since caveman days, modern man still seems to be stuck in a primal mindset, full of beating chests and pissing contests. According to society, men are supposed to be sole providers and void of feminine emotion. They must be rugged, able to fix things and protect. They must rule the household and be fearless; be physically strong and invincible. They must lead, except when it comes to society’s standard for manhood, which must be followed religiously and is a contradiction in itself. The ideal man is also contrary to human nature, but that’s by design, to create insecurity which provokes an obsession to focus on ideal rather than seeing what’s going on around him. And the more a man speaks of being a “man”, ridiculing those who fall short of ideal, the more he reveals a subconscious awareness of his inability to live up to this arbitrary standard.

True manhood is void of repression and is individualistic at its core since a real man sets the standard rather than chasing ideal. A real man has embraced his true self and remains loyal to that even when being ridiculed by the insecure. He’s at peace with himself and lives according to the rules he sets, becoming a magnet for the lost. He laughs at society’s shallow standards, feeling no need to prove himself and has achieved individuality.

Temporary alpha status is given to the most dominant male, and in most cases, that’s the male who is the most physically imposing or beats his chest the loudest; at least when in the company of other insecure males. However, when an insecure male is in the presence of a secure male (one who has achieved individuality), the inner peaceful nature of the latter provokes out of control insecurity in the former, resulting in an exaggerated display of chest beating meant to overcompensate for what the insecure male lacks. The secure male dismisses chest beating as child’s play which infuriates the insecure male, causing panicked chest beating and eventual collapse. This is even the case when the insecure male towers over the secure male because psychological strength overcomes might any day of the week.

Permanent alpha status comes with the next level of accomplishment above individuality: true rational man set out to achieve his highest potential while satisfying need in a balanced manner. One who has achieved individuality can also be impulsive, which is self-destructive. Although at peace with himself, he instantly realizes his inferior status to the permanent alpha and deals with that through further impulsive behavior meant to avoid reality while permanent alpha embraces it, putting all effort into living to the best of his ability and enjoying cognitive efficiency not hindered by irrational thinking and/or emotional instability. He pays attention to other males like a lion does a fly: not at all. His confidence and strength makes him gentle, as he only bites when forced to but feels no need to bark.

It’s time to rise above primal behavior because it’s self-destructive, internally chaotic and fraudulently based. Not to mention how it renders one a puppet controlled by those who set impossible standards. Be a man as established by your own standards and free yourself from society’s shackles.

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