An Open Letter To Americans


Dear Americans:

This great nation was founded by courageous individualists who opposed tyranny and oppression. These individualists won our independence in a real life David versus Goliath showdown against the most powerful empire of that age, which proves that nothing is impossible. America was built upon an experimental foundation based on the idea that individual greatness, rather than strong governmental controls, lead a country to prosperity. The philosophical basis behind that was proven correct when the newest nation became the envy of the world. The American Dream had been born and immigrants from all over the world sacrificed all in order to get here.

Free from the shackles of government oppression, these newfound Americans gave everything they had to achieving their highest potential because it directly benefitted them instead of their king; while leaders of that age had enough reason mixed with their intelligence to understand that the more individuals achieved, the greater this country would become. The motivations behind the citizens’ aspirations weren’t ever questioned because intent was irrelevant, as the results spoke for themselves.

Now the philosophical foundation that catapulted America to the head of the class is under attack by irrational intellectuals and puppet masters who have managed to achieve their sinister objectives by manipulating the emotional strings of citizens to obtain power for the few.  We are in the midst of an intellectual and philosophical war, one that the average citizen wasn’t prepared to fight, and that was done by design, strategically put together by our enemies who knew citizens were too busy with life to study philosophy and politics. Our enemies knew that the American spirit runs deep in every citizen and they had no chance of implementing a totalitarian state by openly promoting Marxism or fascism, as we would come together and revolt. Instead, they chose to divide and conquer, using our sense of morality to place us in two camps: Liberals and Conservatives. They started debates while throwing fuel on the fire until emotions were too high for rational dialogue. Gradually, our enemies fed Marxist propaganda to the left wing and fascist propaganda to the right wing so each could defend their positions, until both became staunch advocates for tyrannical government and stripping liberty gradually became easy.

America has now lost its claim to greatness and freedom as we are 10th in terms of economic freedom and government now makes law concerning who we should love, the rules of sex, what we should put into our bodies and what products we should purchase. We are mediocre in education when compared to the rest of the world and we lead the world in incarceration rates. Citizens have become complacent and distracted by television to the point that our country has been stolen from under our noses.

The point of all of this isn’t to feel helpless and give up. There is a solution and we are in a much better position than our forefathers who had to fight a physical battle against an overwhelming opponent. Our battle is against intellectual puppet masters and revolution comes with enlightenment. Once we educate ourselves and take our newfound clarity to the voting booth, we will throw out all Republicans and Democrats to replace them with problem solvers who aren’t controlled by puppet masters. We have fallen asleep but are awakening with a mighty roar and that revolutionary American spirit will return with a vengeance. Our forefathers beat Goliath while most citizens of that age sided with the enemy or hid under their beds but enlightenment is a less scary road and easier to be had than physical battle.  Educate yourselves and break free from your shackles. Share your knowledge with the people you know. Help re-store American greatness.


Ryan Pettigrew

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