Two Party Fraud


By: Ryan Pettigrew

“Wherever the real power in a government lies, there is the danger of oppression.” –James Madison

America was originally designed as a place where one can live his/her life without governmental persecution and that was guaranteed by a small central government whose only interest came in protecting its citizens from foreign threat. The American dream was formed in a land that allowed people to achieve their dreams and be free from tyranny. However, the dream our forefathers fought for has been gradually given away as comfortable citizens have allowed themselves to be fooled.

How else have we gone from a limited central government to the most powerful one in existence? From the best educated to an educational laughingstock; from liberty to surveillance, from bravery to complacency, from honorable to fake and from informed to ignorant? Now the “land of the free” has the highest incarceration rate and the people are easily distracted from truth by a shiny entertainment box.

The people feel helpless since the only options they are provided are a choice between the lesser of two evils: Republican theocracy or Democratic Marxism. The former pretend to be the moral authority and pure capitalists, but in reality, only seek to strip individual liberty through religious legislation. The latter strips property rights and the right to enjoy the fruits of our labor with guilt trips and false promises of turning America into a fantasy land. History has proven both sides’ core values to be inherently evil and unsuccessful but they are able to divert attention from these facts by the use of smoke screens.

The media, owned by puppet masters who control both parties, make the answer seem impossible to accomplish, by making the people feel as if their Libertarian beliefs, which are possessed by the majority of Americans, are extremist views and that electing someone with a similar mindset can’t happen. This results in a sense of helplessness that turns the people into blind followers, unable to create change. And the puppet masters win because a vote for either party then increases their power and strips the people of liberty.

images (3)When one party has been in power long enough to make the people angry, they promote the other via the media, and the people, in a state of fervor, allow liberty to be taken by this new party in order to overcompensate for what they hated in the other party. Party slogans are created to provoke emotion since that negatively affects the cognitive process. And as emotion increases, so does the ability to manipulate, where fear is usually the means to provoke emotion.

So what is the answer? Enlightenment and emotional balance! Get to know the issues themselves at the core, beyond the propaganda and quit making emotional decisions. Understand motive and manipulation so that you can’t be fooled any longer. Know that once people wake up and unite, a Libertarian nation can be formed. In fact, America was formed by Libertarian principles and that led to American greatness. Help re-store that American greatness by freeing yourselves from your bonds. Quit being sheep being led to the slaughter house and tap into your inner revolutionary spirit that was passed on through the generations from our forefathers. Except this revolution will be an intellectual one in the Information Age that ends modern tyranny.


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