Traditionalism’s Affect on Society

Society is a group of individuals living in a community and that community’s culture is determined by its majority’s beliefs. Throughout history, culture for any given area was passed down through generations as most communities were filled with people of similar ethnicity and religion. Thus, tradition paved the way regarding beliefs and such beliefs were above questioning. However, as globalization increases the standard of living for all nations, we as individuals must evolve in our thinking to avoid being left behind and/or plagued with internal chaos, having beliefs contradictory to reality. It’s pointless to fight the world’s momentum since that is beyond any of our control and our mission isn’t to waste time forcing our beliefs on the world but rather to adapt to our surroundings, spending all efforts on being the best we can in any given environment.

Traditionalism is when tradition, whether ethnic or religious, sets the standard for a culture and has been the authority in every area since communities began to develop, when finding that survival became easier with the forming of communities. Then, those early compromises were passed on to following generations as the way to live since limited knowledge and communication with other communities rendered each community ignorant.

However, due to technological advancement, we have come to the Information Age so infinite information comes at the click of a mouse. We have no excuse for ignorance and all that holds us back from mental evolution is the fear of change, which Traditionalists intentionally provoke with fear mongering to maintain power. Yet, as time passes, communities rarely hold on to its original ethnic/religious make up that created the initial cultural standards so Traditionalism becomes irrational. And with Traditionalism being a primitive mentality, the less authoritative it becomes within a society, the more that society evolves.

It’s an individual’s choice as to whether one wants to blindly following tradition in an attempt to hinder progress or to become one of the enlightened ones and set new standards in harmony with the modern world. Most will choose the former, afraid to go against the grain and bowing to fear of change. However, there will be a small minority of enlightened individuals who will act as guides, leading the primitive and fearful to higher ground, such as Lewis and Clark. Except, this isn’t a physical journey through unchartered land, it’s a mental one on the path to enlightenment and higher global potential.

Greatness requires courage because it’s about setting the standard and facing constant scrutiny from the majority rather than being one of the flock. However, Columbus was considered a fool for believing the world to be round, so does acceptance outweigh doing the right thing or progressing? Should we blindly follow primitive cultural standards, fearing controversy, or acknowledge that tradition hinders progress and rise above common thinking? The world needs an organized effort by the enlightened ones to save it from destruction. Who wants to join me on this mission?

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