The Battle

Knocked to the ground, bloody and battered,

Spirit broken and bones shattered.

Begging for death to bring final peace,

Been fighting too long, mind full of disease.


Time heals and prayers unanswered,

Thinking of the fight makes my heart beat faster.

Sword in hand, I jump to my feet,

Mind stronger after tasting defeat.

A better fighter and a longer run,

But eventually I’m dropped by a gun.

Higher highs brought lower lows,

Oozing blood makes the dirt glow.

Once again, death refuses to save me,

And the upcoming battle seems way too scary.

Sweating bullets slows the healing,

While turning hills to mountains and lowering ceilings,


But the time comes where I can no longer delay,

I rise to my feet and go on my way.

Adrenaline starts to overcome panic,

Racing towards battle, almost manic.

The ultimate fight and I give it my all,

With one final swing the monster falls.

Triumphant but overwhelmed with emotion,

My mind not used to the happy potion.

Emotion subsides and clarity sets in,

Enlightenment gives power and erases sin.

On top of the world, I create my own fate,

No longer a victim having to wait.

Conquering fear and refusing to quit,

Freed from shackles, on past oppressors I spit.

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