“… the degree to which one ignores the virtue of rationality is the degree to which one’s life is less than what it could have been.” – (“Life, Teleology, And Eudemonia In The Ethics Of Ayn Rand” by Douglas J. Uyl and Douglas B. Rasmussen.

In these difficult days, government and society should be teaching people the necessary skills needed for success rather than encouraging dependency and an emotional mindset. As much as society would like to believe differently, the world is ruled by the laws of nature. It’s the survival of the fittest and there are consequences for every action. Those who don’t realize that live in an irrational haze, touting the propaganda of a fraudulent “civilized” society to calm their anxieties which are caused by the constant internal conflict between an objective subconscious and irrational conscious since they refuse to see life for what it is. Life is hard, so the only way to succeed in such an environment is to perfect your reasoning ability, strengthen survival skills, remain persistent and get in a productive mentality. On the other hand, failure to develop these skills results in struggle. It’s the concept of a society beyond the laws of nature that weakens people by altering their perception of life. Plus, it encourages dependency, irrational thinking and laziness. This creates a majority barely able to survive, much less succeed.

Reality is the fact that life is what it is regardless of how you feel about it or think it should be. This objective reality is then picked up by your five senses and you create meaning out this factual data with your ability to reason. This is why when confronted by a dangerous situation; a rational person can handle it better than an emotional one, because a successful strategy requires rational perception and effective strategy.

Emotional ideologies actually alter this reasoning process from rationally assessing the facts to mixing a dose of reality with a teaspoon of how things should be. Society and government discourage reason to promote their manipulative agendas, as rational minds would see their sinister intentions. The result of this strategy are far more serious than their  aspirations, however, because by diminishing the masses’ ability to reason, they basically create hordes of incompetents unable to deal with life’s struggles. If you can’t properly conceptualize life’s data, then you won’t  be able to put together a strategy to overcome an obstacle, much less, one designed for success; which, in effect, decreases one’s chances for success because one becomes less prepared to deal with life’s obstacles.

Others have succeeded despite being raised in society’s safety bubble because they naturally developed the skills necessary for survival even though they weren’t taught to do so. Life is all about facing constant adversity, where the successful persevere despite overwhelming odds. Everyone else gives up, preferring the easy route. One won’t succeed until challenges are viewed as an opportunity to prove one’s self and separate one’s self from the mediocre masses. These survival skills are in your DNA but become neglected in comfortable lives. The more you neglect them, the less likely you’ll be to achieve your potential.

Humans no longer have to hunt to eat but make no mistake, life is still about survival. Only, hunting and gathering have been replaced by production (manual and intellectual). If you don’t produce, then you don’t eat and the more valuable your production is to others, the better off you live. The successful find ways to produce efficiently and work hard to achieve their objectives. Others become lazy because the pressure to produce is too much and curse those achievers for doing what they CHOSE not to do. Society and government, in turn, encourage these quitters to believe that they are entitled to a piece of the pie that they didn’t help produce. That entitlement mentality of these parasites allow them to sincerely believe the successful minority are greedy and evil, as those irrational conscious thoughts come from the mistranslated subliminal messages of envy from their subconscious. People need to produce to keep their minds active, burn off excess energy and boost self-esteem; failure to do so results in psychological distress since an unproductive mind will launch a relentless attack on the individual.

Those who succeed overcome obstacles all along the way where they view each as a learning experience. Thomas Edison is rumored to have failed over 1,000 times before inventing the light bulb, so why should it be any easier for you? Most will give up, that’s just reality, because constantly picking themselves up after a fall becomes overwhelming. But maybe success was right around the corner when they chose to stop. Can you risk quitting so close to the desired end?

Success isn’t easy but the pursuit of it is in compliance with nature. The human ego, mind and body need the challenge. And a weak, stagnate society only opens the door to another dark ages, where progress is stifled and people act like zombies. Success isn’t only for the wealthy and/or intellectual elite, each person has things they excel at and it’s their purpose to achieve their highest potential, to become a master at their craft. A society where the majority work to succeed rather than whine about those who do, will only raise humanity to new heights. The pursuit itself will bring fulfillment and happiness, a sense of being alive. You owe it to yourselves to develop these skills then set out to achieve because the only thing worse than failure is not even trying.

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