“The degree and kind of a man’s sexuality reach up into the pinnacle of his spirit.” –Friedrich Nietzsche


Most people were brought up to believe that their sexual urges were the product of an imperfect being and must be repressed in order to be acceptable to society and/or God. But why is that? As long as the encounter is between consenting adults then it doesn’t affect anyone else. So why would anyone care about another’s sex life? Truth is, society and religion join together to block pleasure as a reward by making people feel guilty for their sexual needs, as if they’re subhuman for having them. It becomes a moral issue established by their standards that one must comply with to be accepted by their circles. This need for acceptance and the insecurities caused by the guilt creates a loyal following of overzealous sheep who beg for something to believe in; where society and religious elders are only too happy to oblige since it’s a strategic manipulation to create a psychological dependence on said acceptance.

As humans,  satisfying sexual needs are as important to one’s psychological and physical health as food, water and love. Repression of such needs causes real damage that only quenching those needs may fix. Why live a life hiding your true self from those who are supposed to love and accept you unconditionally, especially where unfulfilled needs only lead to an unbalanced being? Beyond your loved ones, whose acceptance is so important that you’d neglect your needs for them? And, are your “loved ones” really that if they refuse to accept your true self?

Why are women called “sluts” and “whores” if they satisfy their sexual needs when men are idolized for doing the same thing? Shouldn’t society want what’s best for women, for them to be happy and balanced? Or are we still in a sexist era? It’s because of this hypocritical standard that one must respect the women, and label them courageous, who decide they love sex then satisfy those needs despite society’s unfair labels. Don’t confuse those compliments as being directed towards those women that sleep around for acceptance, that’s something different altogether. This is about those women who seek sexual pleasure on their terms regardless of anyone’s opinion. They are true individuals and leaders who set the standard based on their needs and beliefs rather than conforming to the standards of others for the purpose of acceptance.

For some people, sex and love are two completely separate things, the former being for physical pleasure in celebration of life and achievement, while the latter is for the fulfillment of emotional needs. As long as all parties involved are consenting adults who are fully aware of what’s going on, does it matter how they tend to their sexual needs? Whether they’re monogamous or polygamous? If they use unconventional relationship methods, choose to live an untraditional sexual lifestyle or follow the status quo? Does any of this actually validly distinguish the value between different people or is it just an excuse for the insecure to judge others? This self-righteous society has no access to your bedroom nor have they any bearing on your self-esteem if you deny them that power. So, why deprive yourselves of your needs to please people who violate those same standards when no one’s looking? Isn’t your physical and psychological health more important than acceptance by frauds?

Everyone has sexual needs that must be satisfied in order to become balanced and healthy. However, everyone’s needs are different so it’s up to the individual to find one’s own, accept them and fulfill them. Feel sorry for those who repress their needs for any reason and welcome their criticism as signs of their own misery and envy. Find strength in being part of the rational and balanced minority who isn’t controlled by others, then encourage others who are on the path to finding themselves.

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