“Success” is the overcoming of obstacles and the achievement of one’s highest potential after being tested. And the higher the aspirations, the more difficult the test becomes, as if every level of success is earned by an equal amount of adversity. Or as they say, “there’s no pleasure without pain.” However, “success” is a matter of perception, defined differently by each person; where someone’s life may be labeled as a success to another but a failure by the one living it.

Persistence is one of the requirements for success but that doesn’t develop without strong motivation. There has to be a reason to continue the fight rather than go with the flow or give up like most do since that’s the easy way out. There has to be a purpose behind wanting to get up every day to fight, beyond insanity. And it’s wrong for anyone to talk about persistence without explaining where it comes from, because without fueling the fire, it’s impossible to find and seems like some type of genetic component that one either has or doesn’t have, when that’s not the case at all.

All of us have something we are passionate about and once that becomes the motivation behind achieving something, success becomes realistic but never guaranteed. Very few know what they want specifically and even fewer have any idea why they want it. And human nature requires a carrot on the stick in addition to a clearly drawn out destination point or the path of least resistance will win. When the fight gets tough, and it always does, there has to be a reason to continue on that path. Is the reward worthy of the fight?

Becoming rich isn’t enough of a reason to continue fighting. Why do you want to become rich? And is that reason enough to push you past every obstacle you’ll face? Your reason must be something that gets your inner fire burning. You must become obsessed with it. If not, it’s not enough.

The founders of ICOR understand this point and share that with members. They are true leaders because of this rather than selling false hope, taking advantage of emotion for a quick buck. They want members to succeed, and realize the more successful each member of the community becomes, the higher we rise as a team. That’s how they benefit from teaching others how to succeed; that and feeling good about making a tangible difference.  They want each member to know his/her “why”, because without it, success remains a dream rather than a potential reality. Know exactly where you want to go and why you want to get there so that you can join the ranks as one of the truly successful, not in perception, but in reality.

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