Gay Marriage

The gay marriage issue has become one of the most controversial and dividing issues in America but few truly understand its core, instead, preferring to speak on what they’ve been taught to say by their puppet masters. Smoke screens exist all around us and are created to keep the masses unaware of the real problems that exist but one can’t blame the manipulators in the Information Age, ignorance is a choice and the blind should be led off of a cliff as they rightfully deserve.

Keep in mind that this is being written by a straight, white, non-Liberal male so bias isn’t the issue. I’m writing this to enlighten the masses, hoping that a few will catch on to the deceptions we face so that we can re-store American greatness; greatness that was brought on bygay-marriage-equal-logo1-300x225 our forefathers’ Libertarian principles which seem to have been lost along the way in the battle between theocracy and Marxism.

Social-Conservatives and theists make this into an issue of morality in an attempt to push their belief system on non-believers through legislation despite the Constitution’s mandate of the separation of Church and State. They believe that homosexuality is immoral, and it is if you’re Christian, but morality is subjective and can only be based on the belief system that one chooses to embrace. Since I choose not to be Christian, their sense of morality doesn’t apply to me. For those who wish to push for a legislative ban on gay marriage due to Christian beliefs, if you aren’t following what your Bible mandates for the punishment of homosexual acts, then you aren’t in compliance with your law either and your opinion becomes null and void. Read Leviticus 18:22 where God orders one to be killed for homosexuality. Not that I advocate killing, I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy in asking for government to intervene on a religious matter that one isn’t in full compliance with.

Being that morality is subjective; this can’t be a moral issue where one isn’t directly affected by the act. If two people get married, how does it affect you? If you’re against homosexuality then whether they’re married or not, the homosexual act continues and the ban on gay marriage doesn’t stop the act itself. And what makes you so important to think that everyone should live as you choose? Who one chooses to love and have sex with is none of your business and people really need to learn that if something doesn’t directly and negatively affect them, they have no right to push for legislation prohibiting it.

The core of the issue is how much control one believes the government should have. If you think that government should have enough power to tell us who we should have sex with and love when it comes to consenting adults then think about how you would feel when government arbitrarily deems heterosexual relations to be unlawful. We can’t ask for government to take another’s liberty without potentially foregoing our own. And just because something is a majority belief doesn’t make it right.

The problem with America is we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into giving away our freedoms gradually and that must end or else we kill the American dream. Individual opinions about homosexuality don’t matter, whether pro or con, only that we take a stand and tell the government that we are done giving them more and more power. We are done giving away our freedom. We are done suffocating American greatness. Quit being deceived and stand for liberty or else you deserve to be a slave.


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